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1. 心灵世界的超验图像

心灵世界的超验图像 Transcendental Images of the World of Soul


The artists pamper their imagination freely in their own worlds, sketching one extraordinary fairy land after another, arousing our desire and admire to the infinite of imagination. Because of imagination, we get freedom; and because of freedom, art becomes more divine. 

4. 复活的水墨世界

复活的水墨世界 Reviving World of Water-Ink

水墨不是单纯的媒介,而是一种具有文化属性的物质;对它的理解和表现, 体现为一种文化立场和价值,当水墨被艺术家动态化的应用之后,它不 再是消极与沉默的,而是积极地成为观看世界的新语言,水墨作为文化 符号具有了新的时代性。

Water-ink is not only a simple medium, but also a substance with cultural prosperities. The understanding and expressing of it represent a kind of cultural position and value. After it is animated by artists, it isn’t negative and silent anymore; instead, it positively becomes a new language for watching the world. Therefore, water-ink as a cultural symbol has been endowed with new epochal character.